Book Review – Alloria by David Staniforth



5 star


Alloria Alloria, where do i start with this book. I have never read a book written by David Staniforth before and i have to say it was a pleasent surprise. There will be no ranting & no bad mouthing by me today as i have nothing but praise for this book!

After fighting my way to the couch, all my chores and housework done (you know how it is) it was time to start, nothing was getting in the way of this 😉


I could probably sit here and describe every emotion i felt while reading this, but im feeling stingy…

But anywho… the story follows a young girl by the name of Alloria and her best friend Nat. They go on a magical journey through the labyrinth and meet a whole host of interesting and wonderful people…. ok and some right horrible ones aswell. Wait, did i say horrible? I mean there are some right nasty *beeeeeps* who i felt like strangling at one point!

My favourite? BANE!! He is the gentle giant everyone wishes they knew. I want a Bane of my very own infact. I promise i would take good care of him and i will feed him and make sure he is happy.

The writing style is fantastic, you really get to know the characters and you wind up really caring for them. Your truely brought in and immersed into the world, so much so, i didnt want to leave! That brings me onto my one and only downer… i want a part 2 now!! 🙂 haha. Its going to be a killer waiting for it, but i will, for as long as i need to. Tho its not gonna stop me bugging the author and nagging my lil butt off mwahahahaha!!

I recommend this book to every book lover, infact i have recommended it to everyone i know! If you want to be taken on a journey to a kick-ass new world, with a kick-ass bunch of hero’s and heroines, this is for you!


With all that kick ass-in out of the way, i bid you adeu!


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What is this? Who’s writing this nonsense?

Hello there, unsuspecting people who stumble across this weird and unforgiving book reviewing blog. Please forgive me as I’m new at this blogging lark and also to reviewing!

How it started? Well, i found myself being very opinionated about what i read and i just had a terrible urge to put it down somewhere so i could let off some steam. Sometimes its the good sparkly and magical kind of steam, its always super awesome to find a good book. However sometimes its dark murky, foggy steam when a book is so poor and pathetic i feel the urge to go on a massive rant. (unfortunately its a frequent occurrence!)

So, instead of scaring all my friends and family, i’m unleashing all my pent up rage and joy upon these pages.

Woo hoo right? Good for me? I think so 😉


OK, i must also point out my unhealthy relationship with a fictional character, Mr Severus Snape. No really… its really weird, sometimes i even talk about him like hes alive n shiz… super creepy! Anyway, I’ve made this clear from the start *shrugs*.

I also have an unhealthy obsession with cute/kawaii things… So expect alot of random stuff popping up :3


So i suppose i better share a little about me i guess. My name is Lily Persephone Riddle… Lily is fine, no really… i don’t want any weird nicknames & such, very annoying. I have a stupid long name, too fussy ya know? I live in England, UK. Yes, weather here is crap and if i could I’d be on the first plane over to Japan. After my first visit i have become addicted to everything about the culture, such an amazing place !!

Anyway, I’m happy to reply to anyone if you can be bothered to speak with me. I don’t snap a lot so as long as you don’t have a massive arsy personality defect we should be fine, else we might clash.

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