What is this? Who’s writing this nonsense?

Hello there, unsuspecting people who stumble across this weird and unforgiving book reviewing blog. Please forgive me as I’m new at this blogging lark and also to reviewing!

How it started? Well, i found myself being very opinionated about what i read and i just had a terrible urge to put it down somewhere so i could let off some steam. Sometimes its the good sparkly and magical kind of steam, its always super awesome to find a good book. However sometimes its dark murky, foggy steam when a book is so poor and pathetic i feel the urge to go on a massive rant. (unfortunately its a frequent occurrence!)

So, instead of scaring all my friends and family, i’m unleashing all my pent up rage and joy upon these pages.

Woo hoo right? Good for me? I think so 😉


OK, i must also point out my unhealthy relationship with a fictional character, Mr Severus Snape. No really… its really weird, sometimes i even talk about him like hes alive n shiz… super creepy! Anyway, I’ve made this clear from the start *shrugs*.

I also have an unhealthy obsession with cute/kawaii things… So expect alot of random stuff popping up :3


So i suppose i better share a little about me i guess. My name is Lily Persephone Riddle… Lily is fine, no really… i don’t want any weird nicknames & such, very annoying. I have a stupid long name, too fussy ya know? I live in England, UK. Yes, weather here is crap and if i could I’d be on the first plane over to Japan. After my first visit i have become addicted to everything about the culture, such an amazing place !!

Anyway, I’m happy to reply to anyone if you can be bothered to speak with me. I don’t snap a lot so as long as you don’t have a massive arsy personality defect we should be fine, else we might clash.

Toodle-pip for now~

16 thoughts on “What is this? Who’s writing this nonsense?

  1. Is that your real name? o.o
    Cause it’s awesome. Fucking awesome. I’d want to live in Japan too, actually. It’s got enough crazy stuff and beauty to keep me occupied for life. And I like the idea of an unforgiving book review blog. I think it’d be nice to see people reviewing stuff they hate.

    • Yuh huh & thanks 😀 ! Thats a really cool thing to say!

      I went to Japan last year, i wish i was exaggerating when i say that i was dragged home, completely against my will.

      *goes red* i cant help but be totally honest, i really try to be as nice as i can lol

      • Aww, I’m sorry to hear that. Japan’s wonderful. I think I’d be dragged screaming away from it too. Were you like, banging the windows of the plane as it departed?

        It’s okay to be honest. Better to be honest than use lies.

      • Oh it really is, worlds apart from the UK.
        Well it wasnt too bad leaving as we got to stop off at vietnam for 2 days on the way back 🙂

        I agree, lies are evil 😉

      • VIETNAM!
        You lucky person, you. They’re still communist, you know. It makes me laugh, because I like to think America’s still angry about losing a war to them.

  2. Hi Lily,
    I’m Bob, I’m from Newcastle, I live in the UAE now, but I used to live in Japan. And I’ve written a book. It’s been reviewed by Americans before, but they don’t get the accents. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in reading it? It’s Science Fiction and a bit weird. If you think Harry Potter as written by Philip K Dick (Blade Runner). The hero is a Geordie who teaches English in a Japanese girls’ middle school. The heroine is a 12-year-old girl who has won a competition to enter the ultimate interactive game – imagine your favourite book turned into something like the Matrix. They enter a world of mages, monsters and magical creatures. They think it’s only for a day; only for the promotion of a game. What could go wrong?
    There’s something else inside the game. Something even its makers didn’t predict. There will be dragons, (what else?) there will be dwarfs, (they’d be a minimum, though, wouldn’t they?) there will be war, there will be an ending you won’t expect. Interested? If you email me at akisdade@gmail.com I can arrange for you to get a copy.

    • (i’ve tried replying via email but i get delivery failure)

      Good Afternoon Bob,

      Its a pleasure to hear from you and i apologise for my late response.

      Considering Japan is my favourite country of all time, Harry Potter is one of my favourite books and Blade Runner is one of my favourite films, i think me and your book are going to get along swimmingly, i must say!

      I actualy just read a japanese light novel called ‘Sword Art Online’ which was amazing and it follows an immersive ingame experience aswell!

      Basicly what i’m trying to say is i would be honoured to receive an copy and review it ha-ha!

      I look forward to hearing from you,

      Kind Regards,

      Lily Riddle

  3. I do apologise, didnt mean for it to sound like im houding you lol. As a matter of fact, i am really excited about reading your book, i’m very much looking forward to it 🙂 !

    You sound like you have a lot on at the moment, stupidly stressful trying to move house. Hope everything is smooth sailing for you.

    Thank you for your reply & i look forward to your book.

    Kind Regards,

    Lily R

    • Not in the least. Until you put up a new post, I thought you might well not be going to reply because I hadn’t received an email. I was really glad to find out that you’d been trying to get in touch and it was just a typo that had caused the problem. The ones who are really going to miss out are the two guys whose books I promised I’d beta read – a promise I made before getting the new job that is the reason for the house move. I’ve previously given the book to people who’ve asked for it and then never got back in touch, so having someone interested is good for the soul. I do hope you like it.

  4. Cool blog!

    My friend also has an unhealthy relationship with Professor Snape. She’s told me all sorts of fan-fiction stories she’s read the web. lol…it’s very interesting. Then again, I do love Alan Rickman’s voice!

    • Oh my god, its an easy obsession to have haha. Your friend sounds ace 😉 !
      I must admit, i’ve read more fanfiction then i care to admit also lol.

      *hi5* for Alan Rickmans voice!

  5. Lily!!!!! *huggles* It’s Branwen from goodreads! 🙂 Just wanted to say that I finally got a chance to check out your blog and it looks AWESOME! I love it! I started one too! (not really anything on it yet though, I’m pretty clueless with this kinda stuff 😛 ) Just wanted to pop in and say hi! 😀

    • MISS BRANWEN *TACKLEGLOMP* !!! SO happy to see you here 😀 !!! I cant wait to see your updates and stuff *grins*. Dont worry… mines about 13 days old so still a baby, trying my best 🙂

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